Bimber Theme Viral Magazine WordPress

Bimber WordPress Theme is a viral magazine WordPress theme that lets you launch a fully functional site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with sturdy sharing buttons, hot, popular, trending listings, and multiple ad locations—everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today.

Bimber Theme Content Optimization

There are many WordPress magazine themes worth considering, but none are quite like Bimber.

  • Paginated posts with big, bold navigation
  • View count visibility threshold
  • Fancy badges for hot, accessible, and trending posts
  • Comment count visibility threshold
  • Create listicles with gifs, images and embeds

Bimber Social Media Profits

Social media, when used correctly, it gives you more money-making opportunities than you realize. Develop enough trust with your devotees, and there will be more inclined to check out your recommendations. Start using social media platforms with:

  • Sticky sharebar
  • Image sharing
  • Fake counters for viral newbies
  • Social Comments integration
  • Big share buttons

Possible Locations:

  • Micro shares on images
  • Social comments after post content
  • Share buttons before post content
  • Site’s social links in the header

Bimber Social Widgets:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page
  • YouTube
Various ad providers supported:
  • Google Adsense ads
  • Adstera ads
  • and many more

Mailing List

If you are related with web promoting, you undoubtedly have heard that “The Money is in the List.” A huge email list is a key to begin bringing in cash on the web and for long haul web advertising achievement.

  • Custom styling
  • Place subscribe form after post content
  • Integration with free, highly popular MailChimp for WordPress Plugin

Bimber Theme Front-End Submission

Bimber WordPress Theme includes Snax plugin

  1. Classic List
  2. Trivia Quiz
  3. Classic Poll
  4. Versus Poll
  5. Hot or Not Poll
  6. Image
  7. Meme (create a funny pic)
  8. Story
  9. Open List
  10. Ranked List
  11. Audio
  12. Video
  13. Embeds
  14. Personality Quiz

Bimber Unique Features

  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Polls
  • Frontend uploader
  • Reactions and Badges
  • Header Builder
  • Ajax Search
  • Tracking Codes Panel
  • and much more

Easy to Use

Despite in case you are a beginner or WordPress ninja, you will discover the subject straightforward and intuitive to utilize. Every component, module, or UI control was made in light of straightforwardness, and you ought to have the option to go through them without the need to look at the documentation.

Easy to Customize

Finding a topic with the specific plan, design, and all the highlights you need can be a test. Bimber is the profoundly adaptable WordPress topic that permits you to change different components and modify every site viewpoint, so it looks and capacities how you need.

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